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One of the great things about Hervey Bay is that whilst it feels like you have travelled afar to find absolute paradise, it’s actually very accessible and easy to get to, some say it's one of Queensland’s best kept secrets. 

Imagine hearing the gentle waves lapping the white sandy beaches as the pace of life immediately slows ... and it's only taken an easy 35-minute flight from Brisbane or 90-minute flight from Sydney to get here.

Alternatively, to get away for a few days with the family, it's a leisurely 3.5-hours drive north from Brisbane, or an even shorter 2.5-hours drive north from the Sunshine Coast Airport. 

When you arrive, time stops and you will feel one with nature. You'll be reminded of the friendliness of regional coastal towns whilst you still have access to the creature comforts and everything you like to enjoy.

There’s lots of tours and experiences to be enjoyed, amazing food, or you can just take it easy and unwind or explore at your own pace.


There's a quiet sea-change movement taking place in Hervey Bay with many visitors deciding to relocate here permanently after experiencing it's wonderful coastal & friendly lifestyle.

We could talk all day about how awesome Happy Hervey Bay is to live (of course why else would we live here!).  But to help you consider whether it could be the place for you to visit or live, here's a snapshot of what you'll love.


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